How and why we properly two tone paint our airsoft guns

What are two tone airsoft guns?

2-tone airsoft guns in most cases are black guns that have been painted a bright colour once they have reached the UK. A few guns are made with brightly coloured plastic, the manufacturer requires a very large order for a single item, to make it worthwhile for them to create it in UK only colours, this means painting is the only viable option.

The fact that these are coloured black guns means you’re not getting second best, you can buy a 2-tone gun safe in the knowledge that you will get the same great performance.

Why do we sell two tone airsoft BB guns?

The law in the UK requires that airsoft guns that look like a firearm should be partially brightly coloured in order to distinguish them from the real thing, this bright colouring classes them as a ‘2-tone’. Anyone aged 18 or over can purchase a 2-tone replica gun/airsoft gun/BB gun without any form of special license.

Why is it important to properly paint airsoft guns and rifles?

Airsoft guns are used in various weather conditions and while, just like bikes or cars they can pick up occasional scratches and scuffs this will not will not lead to sections of the paint flaking off on a properly prepared surface.

We hear from airsofters who have purchased elsewhere that they have purchased a painted gun only for the paint to start flaking off, then when they contact that company they are falsely told painting classes the gun as customised and they cannot return it. The truth is you have the same legal rights when purchasing a painted gun as you do a RIF (black gun) and our warranty reflects that.

How does airsoft loaded paint guns correctly for a more durable finish?

The initial step we take is to professionally disassemble the receiver. Due our years of experience we have the know how and the correct tools to remove sections without the need for extensive disassembly.

The sections due for paint are then cleaned and surface grease removed using a degreasing agent and tack cloth, this is one of the most important steps in order to create a good finish.

Paint applied to bare plastic or metal simply does not stick well to these surfaces and will start to flake off within a very short time this is why we always use primer that is solely designed to strongly adhere to these surfaces. Depending on material, etch primer or plastic primer is applied and allowed to dry.

The next step is that we apply the brightly coloured coat of paint, we use hard wearing car paints which chemical formula makes it able to withstand any weather. It is heated to the correct temperature and applied in layers. The paint is then given time to ‘cure’ this means the paint hardens and bonds with the primer. This whole process can take a couple of days. The gun is then professionally reassembled and tested.

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