We now stock Double Eagle rapid fire budget airsoft guns

Just arrived, if you are on a budget and like your BB guns battles to take place indoors or in your back garden then these Double Eagle electronic bb guns are ideal. They have lower power and plastic gearboxes compared to AEG’s that have metal gears and a much longer range. These cheap guns are called LPEGs, this stands for lower power electronic gun. They are a great beginner gun where you can get used to operating a airsoft gun without spending too much money.

The most popular is the M83, this is based on the M4, the magazine inserts like a real rifle and it includes a 7.2 volt battery and a UK mains charger. Within the box there is a pretend silencer which screws on the barrel tip. The scope is a non-magnified, electronic type which projects a red cross hair onto the lens. Check it out at: https://www.airsoftloaded.co.uk/de-m83-m4-electric-full-auto-bb-gun-in-blue-1172-p.asp


The M82 ‘555’ includes many of the same accessories, it is styled on a Sig rifle, the stock has a heavy duty hinge that allows it to fold giving the gun a much smaller form factor so the player can hold it one hand and blast away!

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