What to make of SLONG airsoft Glock accessories?

The Taiwan based airsoft manufacturer Slong have launched their range in the UK, with a name that sounds slightly risque, and they attach to the Glock pistol which creates enough double entendres to fill your average carry-on movie.

But what about the quality? We are are happy to report these a solid accessories. Only two different types are available at the moment, these are the G-Kriss XI carbine kit and the top rail that replaces the rear sight.

G-Kriss XI

This is a solid chunk of nylon fibre polymer, very similar to the material that the lower part of Glocks are made of. It includes two small weaver rails, one on each side making them ideal for small torches or lasers. These RIS rails are the standard airsoft type and can be unbolted completely.

The carbine kit acts as a fore-grip, particularity useful for harnessing the fire power of G18c when firing in full auto.

A spare magazine snugly fits within the body, it will hold standard and the longer 50 round type. The G-Kriss XI attaches to the under-rail located in front of the trigger guard and fits firmly around the contours of the grip which prevents any free-play.

Purchase it at https://www.airsoftloaded.co.uk/slong-carbine-kit-for-g17g18g19g26-gas-airsoft-gun-1218-p.asp

Rear Sight Replacement Rail

This attachment require a little bit more technical ability to install, although it should only take a couple of minutes to fit. It completely replaces the rear sight, so remove your top-slide and under the philips head screw that is directly under it, then swap over the sights.

This is the standard airsoft weaver rail so there are a fast amount of compact scopes that will fit. Fitting a heavy accessory will slow down the speed of the recoil and may lead to mis-fires.

Included in the box is a cocking lever that can be attached on the left or right side, useful if you got into the habit of releasing the slide catch before inserting a loaded magazine.

Purchase it at https://www.airsoftloaded.co.uk/slong-rear-sight-replacement-rail-for-tmwe-airsoft-glocks-1222-p.asp

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