Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Aerosol 130ml

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Reduces wear, can increase power
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Airsoft guns utilise rubber components within the hop up unit and seals, this rubber is weakened when exposed to mineral based oil or WD-40 therefore high quality silicone based oil must be used instead. It will protect rubber components and increase FPS by reducing friction within the barrel.
Abbey Gun Solutions have a long standing reputation for supplying high quality friction reducing formulas, this one is ideal for airsoft, we’ve also found that a small amount applied to a magazine helps it smooth out the BB feed in full auto guns.


  • Essential for low maintenance
  • Lubricates moving parts and inner barrel
  • Increases life span of rubber o-rings
  • Suitable for metal on plastic applications
  • Dissipates congealed grease
  • One 130ml can supplied


  • Brand: ABBEY


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