Airsoft AEGs

We sell a range of popular AEG rifles with free UK delivery. The electric rifles we sell are worth a look by anyone who hasn't got UKARA membership yet as these guns start out as the same black guns pro-skirmishers use, they are then professionally painted to make them a two tone AEG. We carefully select our guns so be assured these all have metal gearbox with steel gears, metal barrels and a high rate of fire.

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Shop for G&G, Ares Amoeba and JG airsoft AEGs, all within the UK FPS limit, which is currently 370 FPS for rapid fire airsoft bb guns. Get them at a great price today! For even more savings we offer bundle packs that include a battery and charger at a discounted price.

An AEG is your primary weapon at a skirmish, the most popular platform are rifles based around the M4. When referring to airsoft and bb guns the term AEG means Automatic Electric Rifle. If you're a beginner these rapid fire type guns are much easier to get to grips with than a single shot sniper rifle as you can lay down allot more pellets at the target and they will fire every time you pull the trigger. At shorter ranges they can be almost as accurate as sniper and while some are designed for indoor matches the standard sized rifles are fantastic all rounders.

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G&G CM16L 2.0E with ETU & MOSFET AEG M4 Rifle (Two-Tone Green)
Upgraded version of the Combat Machine
G&G CM16 M4 Raider AEG Two tone
Very popular Combat Machine Airsoft Gun
Metal M4 Airsoft Gun G&G GC16 AEG Two-Tone
Intermediate Combat Machine with a steel body
Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender AEG Two Tone
Was £138.99. Metal gearbox, skirmish ready
Two Tone G&G CM16 MOD 0 AEG Airsoft M4
Popular Combat Machine variant with metal gearbox
G&G GR4 G26 Blowback M4 Standard AEG Two tone
Part of Combat Machine range with EBB system
G&G CM16 M4 Predator AEG with ETU & MOSFET Two tone
Was £224.99 now £214.99. UK version with metal and polymer body
G&G FireHawk Combat Machine M4 Stubby AEG Two tone
Snub nosed gun that rivals the MP5
2-tone Airsoft SRC G36c Gen 3 AEG Bundle
Latest version with battery and charger
2-tone Airsoft DBOYS SCAR-L AEG Bundle
Was £197.99 now £179.99. MK16 MOD 0 with battery & charger
2-Tone Ares Sportline TAR-21 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG
Polymer bodied with bullpup barrel and trigger configuration
Ares Amoeba Honey Badger AM013 Airsoft AEG 2Tone
Innovative airsoft gun, was £249.99 now on sale
JG T3 SAS Compact AEG Bundle
Was £144.99. Includes battery and charger
Classic Army MP5K AEG Two tone Bundle
Includes goggles, battery and charger
Two Tone CYMA CM008 M4 Full Metal AEG Bundle
Was £179.95 now discounted to £157.99. Includes battery, charger & S-system RIS rails mounts
Two tone JG G36c G608 AEG Bundle
Electric airsoft gun with battery and charger
Two tone JG Steyr AUG-1 AEG Bundle
Was £154.98. Electric airsoft gun with battery and charger
DBOYS AKS74U full metal 2-tone AEG
Includes battery and charger
G&G RK47 Combat Machine AEG Bundle Two tone
Was £164.49 now £139.99. Includes battery and smart charger
SRC AK47A Sportline AEG Bundle Two tone
Includes battery and smart charger
CYMA M14 SOCOM Airsoft AEG 2-Tone
Two tone, metal airsoft gun with battery and charger
Classic Army FN Scar L MK16 Airsoft AEG Two Tone
Sportline series with steel gearbox & MOSFET
Classic Army ISSC CQC MK22 Airsoft AEG Two tone
Part of the newly released "Skirmish line" with many upgrades straight out of the box