Airsoft Goggles & Masks

Protect your eyes from airsoft BB shots by using one of these goggles or masks. Goggles are vital equipment and a pair should be worn by everyone in the vicinity of an airsoft BB gun. We stock goggles that are made from strong polycarbonate which is not only crystal clear but can withstand shots from airsoft sniper rifles. Our range has adjustable straps and will fit anyone, each pair of goggles is made specifically for deflecting 6mm airsoft pellets, they are not suitable for paintball use.
In our shop you will also find half face masks that can be worn in conjunction with goggles to extend protection to your mouth and cheeks, these half face masks have a dense steel mesh for unhindered breathing while being strong enough to stop pellets. If you require a full face mask then we sell them as well, all items have fast UK dispatch.

Airsoft Goggles For Glasses Wearers UK

Players who wear prescription glasses can find a number of airsoft goggles they can use, we sell ones that have indentations within the surround that your normal glasses fit into which keeps the safety goggles flush to your face and comfortable to wear. 

Airsoft Goggles with Anti-Fog Features

As removing goggles during an airsoft skirmish is an absolutely not allowed for safety reasons it's vital that the dreaded fogging is kept at bay. Check out our range that has built in vents, either of the sides or built into the surround to enhance air flow thus reducing fogging. The vents are designed to face away from incoming pellets and don't hinder the field of view.
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B85 Tactical Airsoft Goggles with Clear Anti-Reflective Lens
Very tough, ventilated eye protection, great for CQB
Nuprol Airsoft Glasses, Battle Pro's with Smoked Lenses
Ballistic airsoft glasses from Nuprol
SMK Airsoft Goggles with Anti-Fogging Vents
Was £9.99. Large lens, with four vents for improved air flow
SRC Pro Airsoft Green Goggles with Clear Lens
Strong polycarbonate lens, suitable for use with standard glasses
CoverT Pro 908 Ballistic Airsoft Glasses - Deluxe Set
Was £31.99. Super tough with 4 sets of coloured lenses & adjustable temples
Ultra Grade Standard Airsoft Goggles
Eye protection, constructed from tough polycarbonate
Value Airsoft Full Face Black Mask Mesh
One size fits all, includes rubberised neck guard
Big Foot V1 Strike Steel Mesh Half Face Airsoft Mask
Adjustable - one belt version, finished in black
Nuprol V3 Steel Mesh Half Face Airsoft Mask
High quality, ventilated lower face guard with built in ear protection
Airsoft Mask with Steel Mesh
Semi-flexible ABS material. One size fits all