Our rifles are partly coloured either blue, green or red, this means that you don't need a license to buy one, so you don't require UKARA membership. Apart from this 2-tone finish they are identical to realistic imitation firearms (RIF airsoft guns), this is a bonus if you do obtain UKARA membership at a later date there is no need to buy a second set of rifles. All the items we have for sale are below the maximum power limits (370 FPS with 0.20g on full auto & 520 FPS with 0.20g). These items are either injection moulded or professionally spray painted a particular colour using durable car paints & primers

For the beginner who is looking for a decent “all rounder” then a AEG (automatic electric gun) is the type to go for, these are based on standard infantry weaponry such as the M4 and SCAR. They have a decent range and you simply connect up the battery and high capacity magazine and you're ready to skirmish.

Sniping is another popular tactic and we have the shooting equipment for it, including probably the most popular airsoft sniper rifle ever; the MB01 L96. These are manually cocked between shots but have better accuracy and make less sound than AEG's so a pro-player can really rule the battlefield

The cheap bb rifles are designed for back garden shooting rather than match play. We have selected high quality products for this range, these work in much the same way as their more expensive counterparts but will have lower powered springs and some plastic internals to keep the price down.

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Action Army T10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Green
A VSR from Action Army with their custom receiver
Ares Amoeba Striker S1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle in Two-tone
Easy to modify with a short bolt pull
Classic Army FN Scar L MK16 Airsoft AEG Two Tone
Sportline series with steel gearbox & MOSFET
Classic Army ISSC CQC MK22 Airsoft AEG Two tone
Part of the newly released "Skirmish line" with many upgrades straight out of the box
G&G CM16 M4 Raider AEG Two tone
Very popular Combat Machine Airsoft Gun
HFC VSR 11 Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Blue Body)
Was £114.99. 440 FPS, includes weaver rail
Metal M4 Airsoft Gun G&G GC16 AEG Two-Tone
Intermediate Combat Machine with a steel body
Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender AEG Two Tone
Was £138.99. Metal gearbox, skirmish ready
Classic Army SR40 Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2-Tone
Popular VSR compatible sniper rifle
CM701B 450FPS CYMA VSR 10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
450 FPS version of the ever popular VSR spec rifles
GHK G5 (UK version) GBB Airsoft Rifle
High quality carbine finished in red and black
SPR A5M Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2-Tone
Official replica of FN Herstal rifle with VSR spec internals
Two Tone G&G CM16 MOD 0 AEG Airsoft M4
Popular Combat Machine variant with metal gearbox
WELL MB01 V3 L96 2-tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle
This great value airsoft rifle is the latest version of the Warrior Rifle
A&K 2-Tone Full metal M249 MK2 SAW AEG
Monster electric airsoft support gun with 9.6v battery and charger
ACM Metal Gas Powered Airsoft RPG-7 Bazooka"
Detailed full scale replica of the world famous R.P.G.
G&G GR4 G26 Blowback M4 Standard AEG Two tone
Part of Combat Machine range with EBB system
G&G CM16 M4 Predator AEG with ETU & MOSFET Two tone
Was £224.99 now £214.99. UK version with metal and polymer body
G&G CM16L 2.0E with ETU & MOSFET AEG M4 Rifle (Two-Tone Green)
Upgraded version of the Combat Machine
G&G FireHawk Combat Machine M4 Stubby AEG Two tone
Snub nosed gun that rivals the MP5
King Arms Co2 SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Metal receiver and internals with feather light bolt lever
2-tone Airsoft SRC G36c Gen 3 AEG Bundle
Latest version with battery and charger
2-tone Airsoft DBOYS SCAR-L AEG Bundle
Was £197.99 now £179.99. MK16 MOD 0 with battery & charger
Double Eagle M57P L96 Orange Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
Includes metal 3-9x40 scope, metal bipod and bipod block mount
2-Tone Ares Sportline TAR-21 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG
Polymer bodied with bullpup barrel and trigger configuration
Ares Amoeba Honey Badger AM013 Airsoft AEG 2Tone
Innovative airsoft gun, was £249.99 now on sale
CYMA M14 SOCOM Airsoft AEG 2-Tone
Two tone, metal airsoft gun with battery and charger
JG T3 SAS Compact AEG Bundle
Was £144.99. Includes battery and charger
M82 Barrett style 2-tone Galaxy G31 Airsoft Rifle
430 FPS Bolt action BB Gun with metal barrel
Classic Army MP5K AEG Two tone Bundle
Includes goggles, battery and charger
MB4403 L96 AWF Two-tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Rifle without scope and metal bipod
MB4403 L96 AWF Two-tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
440 FPS L96 AWF with 3-9x40 scope and metal bipod
Two Tone CYMA CM008 M4 Full Metal AEG Bundle
Was £179.95 now discounted to £157.99. Includes battery, charger & S-system RIS rails mounts
AGM MP001 W700 Two-tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
Includes metal 3-9x40 scope and metal bipod
Two tone JG G36c G608 AEG Bundle
Electric airsoft gun with battery and charger
Two tone JG Steyr AUG-1 AEG Bundle
Was £154.98. Electric airsoft gun with battery and charger
UHC W700 X9 SWAT Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
Was £149.99 now only £138.99
DBOYS AKS74U full metal 2-tone AEG
Includes battery and charger
UHC W700 SUPER 9  Airsoft Sniper Rifle UA314
The classic W700 with shell ejection feature
A&K SVD Dragunov Gen 2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Two tone 'springer', Metal construction. This is the most up to date version.
G&G RK47 Combat Machine AEG Bundle Two tone
Was £164.49 now £139.99. Includes battery and smart charger
M6 Black Eagle Airsoft Sniper Rifle in UK 2-Tone
Swiss Arms branded bolt action, coloured blue
SRC AK47A Sportline AEG Bundle Two tone
Includes battery and smart charger
WELL MB06C Orange Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope
Was £104.99 now only £79.95
A&K Winchester 1892 V2 SXR Gas Airsoft Rifle 2-Tone
Reduced from £184.49. Latest version of the popular underlever gun
KJW M700 P Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2-Tone
Full metal version with high power
WELL MB4406 Orange Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
Includes metal 3-9x40 scope and metal Pro bipod
WELL MB4406 Orange Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Standalone rifle without scope or bi-pod
Bison 301 PDW Airsoft rifle
Great fun, low priced springer
Bison 701 Dragunov SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Was £69.49. Velocity 470 FPS, two-tone version of the Russian gun
Cyma CM023 MP5 Airsoft Electric BB Gun
Was £49.98 now only £39.98.
CYMA MP5 Style BB Gun Spring Action
Practice your rifle skills with this budget BB shooter
CYMA SCAR L Spring Action Airsoft BB Gun 2tone
A favourite of Call of Duty players, it's made from tough ABS & shoots at 350 FPS
CYMA UMP Style BB Gun Spring Action
Budget rifle that includes a torch for night time backyard battles
DBOYS M4 Electric Airsoft Gun & M203 BB Launcher
Two tone M4 with a polymer gearbox and plenty of add-ons
DE M82 555 Electric Full Auto BB Gun In Blue
Rapid fire Sig 552 style machine gun
DE M83 M4 Electric Full Auto BB Gun In Blue
Electric machine gun from Double Eagle
Double Eagle M40 Orange BB Gun MP40
Backyard springer with a authentic folding stock
Double Eagle M41A G36c Airsoft Rifle
Does not include scope, great value springer
Double Eagle M41GL G36c Airsoft Rifle
Orange & black, great value springer
Double Eagle M58B Airsoft Shotgun
Solid with pistol grip style stock
Eco AK47 Clear Airsoft Electric BB Gun
Electric rapid fire BB Gun with high cap mag
Famas Tactical Airsoft rifle
Official version with Famas trademarks
L85A2 Airsoft BB Gun Blue
SA80 style manually powered replica
M46 Famas Airsoft rifle
High power & tough ABS body
M47B1 Airsoft Shotgun Double Eagle
Powerful, compact blaster
M58A Airsoft Shotgun
Was £38.99. Solid with rifle style stock
Swiss Arms Sig 552 Commando Airsoft rifle
Transparent springer BB Gun, reduced from £39.99
Thompson Drum Mag M1A1 Airsoft Electric BB Gun
Official version with 1000 round magazine
Thompson M1A1 Airsoft Electric BB Gun
Official version of the Military M1-A1
Tri-Shot M63 SPAS12 Airsoft Shotgun
Was £63.99 now £54.95. Fires 3 BB at once, a true airsoft blaster!
Two Tone AGM M500 Airsoft Long Shotgun
High power and part metal
Two Tone Tri-Shot M56DL Airsoft Shotgun
Fires 3 BB at once using Double Eagles tri-shot system
ZM51 2-Tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
415 FPS, includes scope & Bipod