Airsoft Shotguns

Browse our online shop for UK two-tone airsoft BB shotguns at the best prices, they look mean and will blast BB's up to 50 metres. We stock M500 and SPAS-12 style guns from popular manufacturers like Double Eagle and AGM. We dispatch them quickly so you'll have your shotty in no time. Some are designed for room clearance in CQB, these shorter guns have a pistol style grip and can be shot from waist height, full length guns are around the same length as a rifle and a brought up to eye level to fire for greater accuracy.

Airsoft shotguns use the same pump action to rack load the ammo as the real thing. When you pull back the pump action handle it compresses the main spring, this layout takes little effort and you can keep a track of your target.

UK Airsoft Shotguns for sale including Tri-shot

Check out the latest triple barrel BB shotguns, this innovative design fires 3 BB at once creating a spread of shot much like the real thing, it does this all by simply moving the pump action handle back and forth once so you can rain down plastic on your opponents. Our tri-shot range includes the Double Eagle M63 & M56DL.
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Double Eagle M58B Airsoft Shotgun
Solid with pistol grip style stock
M47B1 Airsoft Shotgun Double Eagle
Powerful, compact blaster
M58A Airsoft Shotgun
Was £38.99. Solid with rifle style stock
Tri-Shot M63 SPAS12 Airsoft Shotgun
Was £63.99 now £54.95. Fires 3 BB at once, a true airsoft blaster!
Two Tone AGM M500 Airsoft Long Shotgun
High power and part metal
Two Tone Tri-Shot M56DL Airsoft Shotgun
Fires 3 BB at once using Double Eagles tri-shot system