Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Shop our range of bolt action airsoft rifles, they are the most powerful type of BB sniper rifle available these are truly impressive with how they accurate and well made they are. Our stock is tested to ensure that it is within UK power limits designated for single shot/semi auto airsoft guns. No UKARA membership is needed to buy any item here because they are partly brightly coloured, you still need to be 18 or over though!
When sniping it is not only the FPS but the quality of the components that give a rifle a long range with accuracy. For example a decent internal barrel is just as important as a power spring when aiming for those long range targets.

Airsoft Sniper UK Cheap Prices

Check out the best 2-tone airsoft sniper rifles from famous companies like HFC, Ares, WELL, H&K and Double Eagle with most qualifying for free, 1 to 3 working day delivery. We price check regularly so we are confident in offering the best value prices. Many rifles have scope and bipod options that are sold at a big discount when you buy with the gun.

BB Sniper Rifles

BB sniper rifles is a common slang term for an airsoft gun, skirmishers and shops use terms like high power but they are still non-lethal and used in at airsoft skirmishes. They are designed to hit targets from a long range and fire a single 6mm plastic BB with each trigger pull.
The term bolt action means you pull back the handle between each shot. This usually does not take much effort and compresses the main spring in the cylinder. Once you fire it is down to the quality of the hop up unit (that applies an adjustable amount of backspin to the BB) the barrel, and of course the shooter to determine if the target is hit.

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Action Army T10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Green
A VSR from Action Army with their custom receiver
Ares Amoeba Striker S1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle in Two-tone
Easy to modify with a short bolt pull
HFC VSR 11 Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Blue Body)
Was £114.99. 440 FPS, includes weaver rail
Classic Army SR40 Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2-Tone
Popular VSR compatible sniper rifle
CM701B 450FPS CYMA VSR 10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
450 FPS version of the ever popular VSR spec rifles
SPR A5M Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2-Tone
Official replica of FN Herstal rifle with VSR spec internals
WELL MB01 V3 L96 2-tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle
This great value airsoft rifle is the latest version of the Warrior Rifle
King Arms Co2 SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Metal receiver and internals with feather light bolt lever
Double Eagle M57P L96 Orange Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
Includes metal 3-9x40 scope, metal bipod and bipod block mount
M82 Barrett style 2-tone Galaxy G31 Airsoft Rifle
430 FPS Bolt action BB Gun with metal barrel
MB4403 L96 AWF Two-tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Rifle without scope and metal bipod
MB4403 L96 AWF Two-tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
440 FPS L96 AWF with 3-9x40 scope and metal bipod
AGM MP001 W700 Two-tone Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
Includes metal 3-9x40 scope and metal bipod
UHC W700 X9 SWAT Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
Was £149.99 now only £138.99
UHC W700 SUPER 9  Airsoft Sniper Rifle UA314
The classic W700 with shell ejection feature
A&K SVD Dragunov Gen 2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Two tone 'springer', Metal construction. This is the most up to date version.
M6 Black Eagle Airsoft Sniper Rifle in UK 2-Tone
Swiss Arms branded bolt action, coloured blue
WELL MB06C Orange Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope
Was £104.99 now only £79.95
A&K Winchester 1892 V2 SXR Gas Airsoft Rifle 2-Tone
Reduced from £184.49. Latest version of the popular underlever gun
KJW M700 P Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2-Tone
Full metal version with high power
WELL MB4406 Orange Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bundle
Includes metal 3-9x40 scope and metal Pro bipod
WELL MB4406 Orange Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Standalone rifle without scope or bi-pod