Airsoft Support Guns

No UK airsoft shop would be complete without stocking these. An awesome type of airsoft weapon that will carpet the area with pellets and keep your enemies heads down. No need to be sneaky, squad support guns are not designed to be subtle. They have a good weight to them too so you'll get a workout if you decide to run around with one at a skirmish.

Support Airsoft Machine Gun

These are part of the replica M249 series, complete with a full metal body, large and ferocious looking they could be described as a AEG on steroids. Our 2-tone airsoft support guns can fire hundreds of rounds of continuous fire without reloading. Check the specifications for each model as many include a sound operated box magazine, these will hear the unique sound of a empty shot and automatically wind the mag using their own battery powered motor. Sensibly each of these monster guns has fold down a bi-pod as they are realistically heavy.  

Airsoft RPG

Possibly the maddest type of support weaponry, bound to impress your fellow skirmishers on appearance alone. These will hurl out a bunch of 6mm pellets using a standard 40mm airsoft grenade and is a faithfully cast metal replica. It looks good mounted over a fire place or as a film prop.
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A&K 2-Tone Full metal M249 MK2 SAW AEG
Monster electric airsoft support gun with 9.6v battery and charger
ACM Metal Gas Powered Airsoft RPG-7 Bazooka"
Detailed full scale replica of the world famous R.P.G.