BB Gun Targets

Airsoft BB gun targets come in variety of types. The most popular is the paper target with catch net, these are around 20cm wide and will hold the paper targets we sell or you can print out your own designs. The catch net reduces mess by holding the spent pellets.

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In addition we sell sticky gel targets, these are designed specifically for plastic 6mm airsoft BB and will hold them at the point of impact. The include a stand or can be wall mounted. The special gel does not dry out and can be hand washed if it picks up dirt. For lower powered BB guns we stock electronic knock down targets, these battery powered targets will automatically reset when the last one is shot, this provide hours of fun. They include net that will catch most of the pellets, depending on how good your aim is of course!

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Airsoft BB Shooting Target with Catch Net
Folding plastic frame, includes 2 paper targets
Fold Up Airsoft Net Target
Includes paper targets
Swiss Arms Fold Up Airsoft Net Target
Was £12.49 now only £9.99
Electronic Airsoft Target
3 target set with battery powered reset.
Swiss Arms Gel Airsoft Target
16cm target with a washable surface and ammo.