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The best selection of electric, rifle size BB guns that get great reviews. These are designed for back garden battles and large indoor spaces. These rapid fire budget airsoft guns are a great starting point for beginners. You get everything you need in the box to start your back yard battle such as a battery, charger and ammo. We stock versions of famous machine guns like the M4, MP5 and UZI, all finished in UK legal two tone colours so no special license is needed.

Automatic Electric Assault Rifles For Sale

The technical name for this type of airsoft BB gun is 'LPEG', this stands for Lower Power Electric Gun. They have similar internals as skirmish grade AEGS however they have a plastic gearbox rather than metal and they fire at around 200 FPS instead of 330 FPS. These entry level machine guns are designed to fire the lighter 0.12g 6mm BB at a distance of around 30 metres. There a few upgrades available but extra magazines are plentiful. The most popular machine guns are the Double Eagle M83, M85 and Cyma CM023.
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DE M82 555 Electric Full Auto BB Gun In Blue
Rapid fire Sig 552 style machine gun
DE M83 M4 Electric Full Auto BB Gun In Blue
Electric machine gun from Double Eagle
Cyma CM023 MP5 Airsoft Electric BB Gun
Was £49.98 now only £39.98.
DBOYS M4 Electric Airsoft Gun & M203 BB Launcher
Two tone M4 with a polymer gearbox and plenty of add-ons
Eco AK47 Clear Airsoft Electric BB Gun
Electric rapid fire BB Gun with high cap mag
Thompson Drum Mag M1A1 Airsoft Electric BB Gun
Official version with 1000 round magazine
Thompson M1A1 Airsoft Electric BB Gun
Official version of the Military M1-A1