Bulldog 8.4v 1600mAh Crane Stock Type Airsoft Battery

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Nun-chuck style battery
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This is a versatile 8.4 volt Ni-Mh cranestock type that fits most AEGs apart from those designed solely for stick type batteries. 

Use the following formula to calculate the charge time for a flat battery:
Battery capacity (mah) divided by Charger output (mah) multiplied by 1.4 to give charge time in hours. For example a 1600mah battery and a charger with an output of 600mah would be the following: 1600 / 600 x 1.4 = 3.73 hours. Going past this time by an hour is unlikely to cause damage, however excessive over charging, such as charging over night will negatively effect battery lifespan and performance.


  • Nunchuck-type (3+4) 7 cell layout
  • Measures 9cm x 1.8cm and 12cm x 1.8cm
  • 25A discharge capacity
  • Mini-Tamiya connector


  • Brand: BULLDOG


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