Cheap BB Guns

View our varied range of 2 tone BB guns, we've named this category as miscellaneous as they are all the BB guns that do not fall into other categories such as Co2 powered. These are finished in UK legal colours such as blue and orange and are 'springers' this means they are powered by means of manually compressing a spring, usually this is done by pulling back the top part of the pistol.

Airsoft Revolver UK

These manually powered revolver type guns use an innovative system where the spring is compressed by pulling back the hammer, simulating the action of the real thing. The trade off being the power is lower than other springers due to the reduced pull length. They use hollow plastic shells as magazines with each holding a single 6mm pellet in the tip so it can be loaded in a realistic, great news if you're training to be a cowboy!

Full Metal BB Guns

Our great value metal pistols are based on real side-arms such as the P226. Being made from zinc alloy they have a more realistic weight and feel compared to a plastic gun while sharing the same internals. They are painted in UK legal colours and some of them include a rigid locking holster.  
You do not need to be a registered airsoft skirmisher to purchase from this range but you must be aged 18 or over.

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UHC Airsoft Spring Revolver with 4 Inch Barrel
Was £29.49. Colt Python 4", orange and black springer
UHC Orange Airsoft Spring Revolver with 8 Inch Barrel
Great fun, orange and black springer
Airsoft BB Gun Magnum Revolver with 8 Inch Barrel
Great fun, blue and black springer
G13 Full Metal Blue BB Gun
Metal replica of the famous M1911 pistol
G15H Full Metal Blue BB Gun with Holster
Was £23.95. A full sized airsoft springer for backyard shooting practice
G20 Full Metal Blue BB Gun
Styled on the Smith & Wesson M945
G20H Full Metal Blue BB Gun with Holster
CCCP branded Galaxy BB gun
G26H Full Metal P226 Blue BB Gun with Rail & Holster
Was £22.95. A CCCP branded item that is produced by Galaxy
HA106 M9 Beretta Spring Two Tone Airsoft BB Gun
Styled on the world famous pistol
HFC G17 (HA117) Spring Two Tone Airsoft BB Gun
G17 style with high quality internals
HFC HA102 Colt 1911 Spring Orange Airsoft BB Gun
Tough pistol with authentic grip safety
HFC HA112 Spring Two Tone Airsoft BB Gun
H&K P8 style with easy pull back slide
UHC Desert Eagle Spring Airsoft Pistol
Chunky BB gun with a decent weight
Double Eagle M22 Beretta M92 BB Gun
275 FPS, sturdy construction
Double Eagle M23 MK23 Two Tone BB Gun
Styled on Heckler and Koch's pistol
Double Eagle M27 Sigma SW40 BB Gun
300 FPS with authentic locking topslide catch
Double Eagle M33 Uzi Micro BB Gun
Spring action, backyard blaster
Double Eagle M39G BB Gun
Spring action with electronic scope
CYMA Value P618 Spring Airsoft Pistol
Low power 'plinker' with compact design.