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Transparent bb guns can not only be purchased by anyone aged 18 or over, they also offer a fascinating look at the inner workings during use. Most of this range are manually cocked springers, you'll be able to see the compressed spring and the 6mm pellet ready to fire through the transparent body. They are built from tough polymer so can withstand a few knocks. Each one has authentic detailing with components such as the hammer, trigger, slide lever & mag release button all operate in the same as the real thing.

Famous Firearm Brands

We have an assortment of cheap airsoft pistols that are official replicas of real steel guns from famous firearm brands such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, Desert Eagle and Sig Sauer. They are the same size and share many of the detailing, complete with correct, licensed logos. If you're in need of a particular imitation, soft air gun from the last 100 years such as the 1911, right up to modern day iterations such as the Baby Desert Eagle then our shop stocks it.

BAX Hop-Up System

All pistols with official logos are made under license by Cybergun, this company is also the developer of the BAXS system which is their version of the hop-up chamber (a component the straightens the shot trajectory by applying a small amount of back spin). This hardware, they claim improves the practical shooting distance and strengthens the seal meaning less compression is lost when the cylinder is pushed forward. Compared to standard hop up rubber it has more points of contact, so this should improve the accuracy.

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KG9 BB Gun Transparent with Pump Action
Manual shotgun style mechanism for easy shooting
Official Taurus PT92 Springer Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol
Heavyweight BB Gun with correct logos and trademarks
Co2 Powered "Baby" Desert Eagle Airsoft Pistol 360 FPS
Was £54.49. The Desert Eagle shrunk down to the size of a standard pistol
Official Sig Sauer GSR 1911 Clear Airsoft Pistol with extra Magazine
One of the highest power Cybergun 'springers'