Electric Pistols AEP

These are a decent alternative to a gas powered airsoft gun, an AEP will have around 220 FPS and the power will be consistent, compared to a gas guns that can have a velocity of 300 FPS dependent on temperature and 'cool down'. The higher end models usually include a battery and charger and fit a high torque motor and gearbox into the pistol grip. The most popular brand is Cyma, there products are actually clones of  the original Tokyo Marui pistols.

Cyma AEP airsoft UK

Using an AEP in Britain can be particularly beneficial as they are not susceptible to power loss due to temperature changes that occurs in a varied climate. Winter or summer these electric pistols will keep going (as long as the electronics don't get wet). The most popular UK models are the Glock CM030 and the CM121 Desert Eagle made by CYMA. 

Electric BB guns

This general term encompasses both types of battery powered guns, the first type being an AEP that has a metal gearbox and is suitable for skirmishes and the second type which is powered by AA or AAA batteries and has a plastic gearbox, making it more suitable for back garden use.
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2-Tone CYMA CM.123 1911 Electric Airsoft Pistol
AEP version of the Colt 1911, with metal gearbox.
2-Tone CYMA CM.126 M9 Beretta Electric Airsoft Pistol
AEP version of the Beretta M92f, with metal gearbox.
2-Tone CYMA Desert Eagle CM.121 Airsoft Pistol
Part metal, large AEP with metal gearbox.
2-Tone CYMA G18c CM030 Airsoft Pistol
AEP with metal gearbox.
2-Tone UHC M92F Electric Airsoft Pistol
Powered by 4 AAA batteries, great for backyard battles.