Gas, Co2 & Silicone Oil

We sell green gas for airsoft pistols

Green gas is used with gas blowback airsoft pistols (GBB) that have a metal top slide, being metal it can withstand the increased power obtained by using green gas. This type of propellant is the most powerful we recommend as it does not stress metal internals too much.
Blowback pistols with plastic slides such as Tokyo Marui GBBs should use lower power gas such as 144a. The colder the temperature the more this can reduce the FPS and shot cycle with gas guns. Airsoft propellants stocked in our shop contain a small amount of silicone oil, this protects valve o-rings from drying out. Our UK shop stocks 12g Co2 capsules, these are the standard threadless types used in Co2 powered airsoft guns.

Airsoft Silicone Grease

Silicone grease will improve the performance of your gun by reducing friction and increase FPS compared to dry firing, it's considered airsoft safe as it will not degrade hop-up rubber like mineral based grease. We stock airsoft lubricants designed for both metal on metal and metal on plastic mechanisms. As any military person will tell you, correct cleaning and application of grease and oils will greatly improve the effectiveness of a gun.
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2 x Cans of Nuprol WE 2.0 Premium Green Gas
Great value, powerful propellant in a pack of two to save you more cash
Abbey Predator 144a Maintenance Gas For Airsoft Guns
Revitalises and protects seals and o-rings
Abbey LT2 Gun Grease 50ml Pot
For metal gearboxes and slides
Abbey Silicone Grease 20ml Pot
For rifle bolts and GBB metal slides
Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Aerosol 130ml
Reduces wear, can increase power
Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Bottle 30ml
Reduces wear, a little goes along way
20 Airsoft 12g Co2 Capsules
Contains silicone oil
50 Airsoft 12g Co2 Capsules
Contains silicone oil