iSoft T-1000 Metal Tracer Unit Silencer

Product Code: ISOFTT1000
14MM CCW thread, works up to 1000 RPM
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Please note: Tracer BB must be used with this unit in order to obtain the tracer fire effect.

Tracer fire looks impressive and adds another level of realism to night time airsoft skirmishes. Now you can get the effect with the great value iSoft T-1000 tracer unit that looks the same as a silencer. It is virtually the same as the Tokyo Marui version and made with a machined aluminium outer casing with simple hassle-free attachment to your barrel using the industry standard 14mm anti-clockwise thread. Just remove your flashider and replace it with the iSoft unit.
The on/off switch is recessed and tactile so can be easily reached without removing the unit from the gun, even with gloves. The design also suppresses the "tell-tale" muzzle flash while giving out a super-bright BB illumination. The silencer contains clever electronics which detect the BB's travelling through a clear plastic inner barrel. When a BB passes the sensor, a xenon strobe similar to a camera flash is triggered, up to several times per second. The bright flash "charges" tracer BB's with light. The tracer unit works flawlessly with full automatic guns up to 1000 RPM.
It is recommended that you mix your tracer BB's with normal BB's for maximum effect and to save money. Tracer BB's, because of their ingredients are not cheap. Do not re-use any fired BB's because they will jam inside your gun barrel, possibly destroy your gearbox and ruin your inner barrel. All BB's deform when fired, even though they look perfect to you.
Please do not submerge the tracer unit in water and always clean and dry it after use. Remove batteries if tracer unit is not to be used for some time or they may leak.

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  • 14mm counter clockwise thread
  • High power flash
  • Recessed, tactile on/off switch
  • Metal construction
  • Aluminium outer sleeve with knurled grip ring
  • 132mm long silencer appearance
Accessories included:
  • 50 tracer BB
  • 4 AAA batteries


  • Brand: iSoft


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